Here are all the posts I’ve written for this site (starting with the first piece I’ve ever published). If you enjoy my writing, please share with others. Thank you for taking the time to read my pieces.

  1. The Enemy Among Us: A piece on the enemy within us everyday.
  2. “Your Sight and Mine“: Desire in the bar life.
  3. Muses of a Populist Writer”: What I hope my words do.
  4. My Confessions”: The backwards and repulsive attributes within our society.
  5. “Daddy and Me: A story about a father and the choice he has to make for his son.
  6. Dear God,”: A letter written to the god character.
  7. Make the Cosmetic Industry Happy, Have a Bad Self Image”: A small exposé on how the cosmetic/health industry profits from a low self-image.
  8. Eros at Play”: My 1st erotic piece on how one physical connection with a women could drive a man crazy.
  9. Revolutionary Bitch“: A poem published in the San Diego Reader on print and online. What the perfect female would be to me.
  10. Thank you for Smoking!”: Satirical piece on smoking cigarettes.
  11. “Field of Promise“: My love is a field of flowers, is yours?
  12. For my Eyes only“: A story about a woman who gets abused by her husband.
  13. Marriage Exposed”: Why you shouldn’t get married! EVER!
  14. Evolution of Love“: An odd/weird piece about my evolution over the years experiencing love.
  15. A Letter to You“: A man’s unbridled and naked plea to get his girlfriend back, no matter what.
  16. Choke the Chicken, Bash the Bishop, Flick the Bean, and Diddle the Skittle!”: Sexual Taboo in America.
  17. Until Then“: A man in love who misses his lover.
  18. Chalk“: My wish to turn all weapons into chalk so we could paint a better world.
  19. Remember Those Days“: A piece urging people to be more like kids in order to deal with the stress our society creates.
  20. Two Lions and a Cub“: Story of a family in turmoil.
  21. Credo of Life”: A short credo I wish all followed.
  22. Words, Scars, and Love“:A short poetic piece dedicated to my lover.
  23. “”Give me That!”: How ethnic, indigenous, and aboriginal women are more desirable than “barbies.”
  24. Little Blue Marble“: Would you still see a divided earth, have an ego,  and sweat nationalism if you saw Earth from space?
  25. Thoughts of a Suicidist”: A man will stop at nothing to get his revenge on Lady Death.
  26. “Funeral for Self-Esteem”: Poem regarding our insecure and superficial society.
  27. Valentine’s Day is No Bed of Roses!” A piece illustration the disastrous effects of V-Day and how love should be showed everyday.
  28. Cheap Date”: Semi-comedical piece on the copulation between alcohol and lust.
  29. Crossing the Line!”: Some of the unfair stereotypes on Tijuana, Mexico and how the border is a divisory notion.
  30. “Happy NO Valentine’s Day!”: A poem to a lover that illustrates the cons of V-day and what we should celebrate instead.
  31. The Dog”: A poem on nuclear warfare, atomic bombs, and American Corporatocracy. Where is humanity going?  
  32. Sense Your World!“: Are you really appreciating the life around you? Are you really maximizing the senses you have?
  33. Loving you is Living“: A love story that illustrates the unhealthy aspects of putting our happiness into someone elses hand when it should come from within.
  34. “The Beast of Liberty”: Democracy in USA? Where is it and how we might get it back?
  35. “The Great Escape”: We are only free in our sleep!
  36. Drug Inc”: A free verse poem on how we wash away pains with drugs.
  37. Conditionally Conditional Conditions”: A free verse poem reflecting  a number of issues having to do with unconditional love.
  38. “Language of Self“:  Another free verse poem on how necessary writing is to my self-expression.
  39. Missed Orgasm?”: Life, and its constant uphill battles.
  40. Dear Satan“: My piece on the institution of religion and how it is detrimental for society.
  41. A Letter to a Mother“: A Mother’s Day letter to my mother.
  42. “Entrapment”: Trapped, with no escape.
  43. “Red Lipstick“: How red lipstick on a woman can drive a man wild.
  44. Scream”: Ever have a nightmare that was so real you died?
  45. “Penitentiary of Loss“: A piece on  life and its never ending turmoil. Shall you suicide or ask for God?
  46. A Letter to a Father“: A letter to honor my father on Father’s Day.
  47. A Derailed Life”: A piece written through the eyes of a bitter homeless man.
  48. God, you’re a Cockblock!: How religion stifled sexual and loving experiences in my life.
  49. “Help Me Remember!”: Semi-erotic piece on trying to remember the sexual experiences I’ve had.
  50. “The Light”: A conversation with myself on life and death.
  51. The Naked Soul”: Seeing life’s movements; love, pain, hypocricy, etc...
  52. A Poem to Humans, by Money”: A poem that illustrates the insanity that is money.
  53. “My Right to Writer’s Block“: When I have writers block I get my inspiration from the suffering we have in the world.
  54. “Don’t Vote!”: I argue that we shouldn’t vote because it is an insult to our intelligence and how our votes don’t really count anyways!
  55. “Deception”: A story about a trouble young man escaping from his pain through sex.
  56. “Quenched”: What quenches your thirst?
  57. “A Birthday Note to my Mother:” A son’s note to his mother.
  58. “Conservative you Say?”: The hypocritical conservatives who don’t practice what they preach.
  59. “Love in Retrospect”: Looking back at ‘love’.
  60. “the great catch”: Such a great catch yet I was thrown back.
  61. That Red, White,and Blue.”: How we got our “freedom” from the genocide of Native American Indians.
  62. Knowledge=Debt“: Frustrations with the school system.
  63. “Where”: Startling statistics on America and how we manufacture a corporatocracy.
  64. “A Letter to Lela:” A dedication piece I wrote to my big sister.
  65. “Insects of Gossip:” A piece dedicated to those who judge and speak behind ones back.
  66. Slime”: How we can get stuck in unhealthy relationships but don’t know how to get out.
  67. “Human Rights> Group Rights.”: We continue separating ourselves from one another when we should be working together and not distracted but such silly qualms”
  68. “Fear or Love?”: What do you choose in such a fear based society?
  69. A Letter to Hugh.” Ever have a brother or sister who meant so much to you and guided you through life?
  70. “Val-You-Less”: Rant on gun violence in America and our distorted value system.
  71. “Grassroots Activism in the Zeitgeist Movement”: An overview of the Zeitgeist Movement, an organization that calls for a resource based economy.
  72. “War on Drugs is a War on Sanity”: A look at the horrific drug policy in America and how we can make it better.

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