Here we are on Black Friday — the current product of 6 million years of human evolution; trampling on one another to buy products. We worship materialism in the church of consumerism. Red tags and bright lights lure us in. Commercial jingles are today’s hymns. The masses molesting bar codes to get off. Buying so many commodities we’ve been commodified. Taglines, slogans, and mottos serenade us. Buying labels while labelling one another. It’s okay! Save that money, the earth will pay. Fast fashion is killing the environment fast. Advertisements influence us. Lifestyles are the new products; social media influencers on our screens. Brand names are everything!

External prompts tell us to consume. “ONE DAY ONLY!”, “SALE, SALE!”, “20% OFF!

We value presents over presence, impulsivity over intentionality, ravenous shoppers over climate change protesters.

Yet, here we are. Environmental Armageddon on its way, as we get our fix from material possessions today.

Now on to cyber Monday, after Christmas sale, and more more “retail holidays” to buy more than we need.

4 thoughts on “100% OFF!

  1. I have ignored the Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday Sales shtick for years! I HATE shopping under the best of circumstances, but holiday time is the worst! Lots of times I make stuff for gifts, or re-gift items I’ve had for years that I know other people would enjoy. It’s not about how much junk you can buy, it’s quality time, selecting something you know would mean something to someone, and spending quality time with them!

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