Listen, life is full of surprises, it isn’t always confetti, balloons, and cheers.  It gives us bad news, it gives us good news.  Life can throw us into a flurry of confusion.  It can shatter our spirits.  We can get to a point where we really believe we can’t pick up the pieces.  And you know what?  Some don’t. They bow out of this thing called life.  They leap from the sky, cuddle a warm gun, or have the sleep of all sleeps.

Shit, here we are, just trying to find ourselves, but getting lost as we do it.  So many paths in this life; did we take the right one?  Let’s be real — the “what if’s” are just going to strangle the life out of us.  We’ll get diabetes, heart disease, or if we’re lucky, a non-malignant tumor. Either we make up for lost time, or accept the cluster fuck.  Good thing is that it’s never too late.

You see, we can never really be prepared for what happens.  We can try.  Sometimes you see the punch coming, but your teeth still get knocked out.  So really, the only control we have is how we react to all that life offers: you know, the hurt, the love, the disaster, the purpose — just fill in the blank.  And life is always on damn repeat.  But that’s what life is about: how we come out of those experiences and what we learn from them.  Yeah, we got some bruises and scars, but we’re still here, and hopefully more knowledgeable than we were before life’s erratic events tried to consume us.

That’s life man.  But you’re not alone.

2 thoughts on “It’s life man…

  1. Some times you actually have to defend your self against the onslaught of physical attack from plebs that are too stupid to know what a debate is…

    That has happened to me many times in my life. I actually have had to fight on numerous occasions to prevent myself from being hospitalised. My teeth got knocked out in a biking accident…

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