There is so much to experience in this world. So many corners to turn, streets to discover, and people to vibe with. It’s easy to stay in the comfort zone; to eat at the same places, order the same menu items, and hang with the same humans. It’s safe to work the same job for that financial security.

You know, dreaming about traveling the world comes with ease because it isn’t a reality until you make it one. Yeah, you may do “all inclusive packages” or a cruise for a week or two, but lets face it, you’re the tourist in the trap.

It isn’t easy to shake your complacent life around. To travel alone, to depend on only yourself. Eating alone, drinking alone, sightseeing alone. To force conversations with strangers. To take the wrong bus or train. To lose money, get money stolen, or barely make your ends meet. Oh the misery!

Shit, it’s hard to get lost and be okay with it. To leave everything you know at home and start a new life elsewhere. Having to cope with new languages, new customs, new sights. All the while you miss your friends, support systems, family, and partner. But, that’s the price you pay. And let me tell you, it’s worth what you gain from it.

No one will be able to tell you what you’ll get out of it. But you’ll know after you killed complacency dead to the ground. Chances are you’ll be a more well rounded and accepting human being. So get your lust and wander. Don’t let the “what if’s” plague your mind. Life is too short and the world is too big to not ask yourself, “what’s out there”?

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