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If you live in San Diego you can get a gourd and Yerba Mate tea at Tea Gallerie and Tropical Star Restaurant. If you are wondering on how to cure your gourd, refer to this photo:

Gourd Curing

If you don’t want to invest and would like to see if you like the tea and the ceremony that goes along with it first, check out Rooted Kava Bar (they serve it with a Gourd and Bombilla). Other locations that either have both the tea and/or the gourd are Andres Latin Market, Café Moto, and The San Diego House in Old Town.

If you don’t live in San Diego, utilize the internet for local spots that may have it or search the various website that sell Yerba Mate and Gourds worldwide. Enjoy!

* Pictures found on Tastemade on Snapshot App.*

2 thoughts on “Yerba Mate: Drink, Pass, Refill

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