Patriarch of the pack but with sad eyes. Eyes bruised from life.  Voice is the megaphone used in revolutions. The laser pointer, we are the cats who follow. You connect with others like the plasma ball of light that unites with your motions as you touch the glass sphere.

You. So unapologetically you. A difficult feat in today’s eyes of judgment and easily offended personalities. You have people wondering why you aren’t wearing a mask like they. “Where are his walls”? Little do they know you brought your walls down piece by piece, with angry fists and sad kicks. As the walls came down, so did your anger, so did your sadness.

Now, you make it safe for others to unmask themselves.  You’re the map to their lost self-worth. Your fervor for life is intoxicating.  Your knowledge for knowledge is elevating.

You. So unapologetically you.

Misunderstood but understands himself.  Constantly peeling your raw skin from under you. Healing, patching yourself up, growing anew like the vegetables in your garden. You pull the hair of negativity back and strike its throat till it crawls away defeated. You killed the past and starved the future construct of time. In the now you reside.

We all have scars but we paint over them. You don’t. You say, “I’ve been there, I know your pain.”  You are the difference. The difference between empathy and compassion.

Empathy means you feel their pain. Compassion is having the desire to help.  Compassion and empathy live together in you.

3 thoughts on “Unapologetically You

  1. Wow , I have said it before and I’ll say it again… the world needs more people like you Gino Montessi. Keep on fighting the good fight my brother from another mother.

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