You are perfect — flaws and all. You cast pride into me as your older brother. If anyone tells you differently they don’t know your insides. They only know your walls — the ones you put up to protect yourself.  The exterior is just a mask. If they had your shine, they might know that. But they can’t see past their shadows. And that is okay. Accept them the way they will never accept you.

You see, the only person you need to focus on is you. You! All else is secondary. Don’t prove anyone right or wrong. Proof is only useful when you give it to yourself.  You’re so young, yet with the pressures of an adult. Life may seem overwhelming right now and it is. You’re at the cusp of life. This is your big bang. An explosion of molecules and atoms creating matter. You matter. You are physically the future. The values in your cranium will alter the later system.

The rest of your life is ahead of you. Experiences you’ve never had are awaiting you. The heartbreaks, the mistakes, the trophies, the guilt, are waiting in your path as they hold flowers and thorns. Open your arms to them; they are the seeds to your growth. You’ll blossom to full color, and as seasons pass, you’ll fall, your leaves will dry and die, and you’ll repeat that till experiences no longer exist.

But as your older brother, let me give you a head start on this ironic life. Life is the teeth in the front that are white and clean; and in the same mouth, it’s the teeth in the back that are colored in yellow grime, rotting to purple. That is life, and the purpose to it is the one YOU want to create. The people in your life will throw purposes at you. Don’t catch them. Create your own, that is the key to happiness, don’t get locked into someone else’s life, because they got the key, not you.

Just live your life in a way now, so that the future you will look back and say “I did everything I wanted to do and wouldn’t change it.”

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