Matriarch of the pack. Out the sides of your ribs, umbrella out 2 arms, giving you  a total of 4. Each hand carries a child leaving 1 hand left for everything else in your life. With most people, children, work, and other responsibilities slip through the fingers or fall off the hands like suicidal jumpers during the holidays. Yet, your vines of resiliency wrap around all items you hold. Overwhelmed, yet you scale over difficult situations time and time again.

Your roots tunnel deep. Strong foundation. Weeds don’t stand a chance. But don’t be afraid to pull your roots out and plant them elsewhere.  Complacency has tried to hold you under. Keep throwing you dreams at them. So many desires you have, but you focus on the pack so much, yours are hibernating. Call your wants back. Catch up with them. Re-establish that relationship. Find the balance in your dreams. There is the black. There is the white. Drench yourself in the color. So selfless, just don’t forget about your ‘self’.

A holder of calmness. With the occasional bursts of chaos, you feed patience dead scraps of your past. You wear a coat of resolve as others’ teeth shatter in indecision. So many words live in you but you find solace in silence. You speak in other ways that most aren’t fluent in. Perceptions in others start birthing: “she is quiet, she is cold”.  This is only because we live on Mother Noise. Most speak anorexic words, words doused in make up to cover the real intention. We are used to malnourished sounds. But you bring meaning to silence. Your words come out with open arms and purpose. They are chosen well.

There is so much to you. You’re a beautiful mystery. We can see your thoughts impregnate the skies but we can’t read the message. So many layers of conviction, yet many think you have only one peel. Little do they know, you paint only the picture you want them to see. You expose your unique layers to those in your shine. Your circle is carefully constructed.  Hard to enter, but the safest place to be.

You’ve just always seemed to take a step back in situations when others couldn’t. Using your owl’s eyes, you create a space of awareness. In this space, you protect yourself and the pack. You take a bird’s eye view while the rest of us stare at only what’s in front of us. A child of extrovert and introvert. Holding the best of each of these qualities. Most take from just one parent, but you swim in both pools of personality.

Your laughter and smiles drug all in your vicinity. Such a beautiful atmosphere you have. Always letting those who carry pollution into yours; just so they can see what it’s like to breathe. You got compassion coursing in your veins. I see you cut yourself open and feed your children that blood.

When I see you, I see flames. You see, fires stimulate growth and maintain ecological systems. Without fires, we couldn’t eat our food, light would be gnawed at by the darkness, and heat would scatter when our skin is riddled with goosebumps as our shivering teeth dance.

Fires can also tie a noose around the air we breathe. It can contaminate the water we drink. It can char and crisp your skin and bones. It can leave a scar on you so you never forget that pain you experienced. But these fires only exist when they are unsupervised.  You see, you are the best of a fire but none of its worst qualities.

You are a fire with control.



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