Many fear what they don’t understand, especially if one has ideas or beliefs that aren’t constructed on the assembly line of societal norms.  So, in order to make us feel more comfortable, we categorize each other into familiar terms. Suddenly, we are one definition, as if we can be prescribed only one being.  Put me in any compartment you like, it may give you a sense of security.  But know that my being is spread out into various strata. I’m multifaceted layers of human, and depending on the life situation, I may only show you one layer. Get off that assembly line and I’ll peel the rest for you.

3 thoughts on “Unbox Me

  1. I always say we are not defined by “what we do”, or our relationship to one another, (i.e., mother, daughter, friend, employee, etc.). What’s one of the first things we are asked at a party when introduced to someone new? Usually, “so, what do you do?” Or, if we’re students, “What’s your major?” “What school do you attend?” Etc. All of those are helpful snippets to know a bit about the person, but it is by no means the whole story. And don’t get me started on identifying ourselves by a disease! (“I’m a diabetic”, “I have fibromyalgia”, etc.)

  2. We must reveal to heal. We have arrived, and the time is now.

    Penetrating deep into the mechanisms of a universal miasma that has gained a firm grip on our beloved Earth and her people, this parasitical entity has inoculated itself in all parts of our biology and soul. It is time to act.

    We have been preparing throughout real time and in the vastness of space, and we have arrived. We are not alone, and those who accompany us are preparing the way and the bridge for the next expansion of Human consciousness along with the transmutation of the third dimension. Heaven on Earth as our Life is in the stars.

    We speak in multiples of voices and languages. Science has merged with Spirit. We will show over the course of these letters the reality of creation, the Creatrix is us.

    These writings are for those who have eyes to see and those who listen deep inside, those who know not fear, those who journey into the void, those who bear the fruits of Knowledge. Our guiding force is from our central core, the message is we have reclaimed our sovereign peace and we are the genesis of Love.

    We act as homeopathic agents for the Beloved of the Beloved, our Earth, the embodied Mother. We are the antigens to this parasite.

    There is an organic progression: as the smoke-like screen of the dark web is torn asunder and as veils of false beliefs drop, the beauty and magnificence of creation reveals.

    We have no allegiance to any one other than Love. We are all races and all cultures; we are awake, and we remember. These letters will be our offering. Take what you will and leave what you won’t. We know that truth lies with each individuated Spirit and is our Divine inheritance.

    We are here to support and leave guide posts. Join us on a magnificent journey.


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