Our documentary explores some of the challenges that individuals face when contemplating alternative forms of cancer treatment. One of the factors that hold many people back from exploring holistic health options is lack of financial means.

Modalities such as massage therapy and acupuncture, are not covered by traditional health insurance companies. These treatments can be costly for individuals that may not have cash reserves. Alternative treatments such as the Gerson Method, are currently not covered by insurance as FDA approval has yet to be granted. In addition to the treatment, indivudals will also feel the pinch with the high cost of organic produce, along with nutritional supplements, and the required juicer. All can be  very costly.

Setting up a personal fundraising website is a great way to earn donations from family and friends. Personal fundraising allows individuals to raise money for a specific cause. The money raised can be used by the individual to assist in paying for something the individual may need, such as medical treatments or assistance with paying bills due to health issues. GiveForward, is an organization that assists individuals with raising money by creating personal fundraising websites. This includes step-by-step tools which to help individuals by setting them up with a personalized coach while also assisting with a campaign plan that includes sharing the website with family and friends.

Many fundraising sites exist today. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of each site prior to choosing one. Many sites will allow for credit cards to be used, which makes it convenient for the donor who is contributing, however,it can be costly to the person fundraising. GiveForward takes 7.9 percent, plus $0.50 per transaction. Other sites such as GoFundMe and CrowdRise, take 5 percent fee for each transaction.

Understanding the fine print will allow you to better evaluate each company and pick the one the best suits your needs. Most of the sites cost nothing to set up and include coaching and technical support, making it easy for anyone to naviagate. Suggestions for getting around the fees are to spread the site on social media to educate friends and family of your cause, then ask for a check or money order to be sent directly to you.

The Gerson Institute has had many patients raise the funds they need for the Gerson Method. It is a great opportunity to ask for help and have your friends and family support you. Check out some inspiring fundraising stories at:

Gerson Stories

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