Juice for the Cure

We all know someone, a friend, a family member, or a co-worker  who has been diagnosed with Cancer. But can we say we are knowledgeable about alternative cancer treatments?

Filming a documentary about alternative cancer treatment has been an interesting journey full of emotion and curiosity. As someone who works in end-of-life, I have seen the impact of cancer with Hospice patients. Personally, cancer scares me. The only thing that scares me more than cancer is the treatment.

I watched my aunt fight a battle with breast cancer as a teenager. I remember the discussions that took place at the kitchen table. How hard the chemotherapy was on her body and how she was handling the treatment. I will never forget how proud she was of her wig after all her hair fell out.

My aunt didn’t win the battle, but she gave everything she had. What I wish is that she would have had an opportunity to try an alternative health treatment. My hope in creating this documentary is to empower more individuals to feel confident in exploring alternatives; treatment other than chemotherapy or radiation.

Knowledge is power, and our documentary, “Juicing for the Cure”, is focused on creating that knowledge. The Gerson Method relies on the juicing of organic fruits and vegetables. Consuming raw juices and a vegetarian diet along with the use of coffee enemas and natural supplements, this treatment activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself.

As we research, interview, and immerse ourselves in this holistic approach I am finding myself feeling a bit more powerful over my own fears of cancer treatment. One reason is because we can make little changes each day, which allow us to take preventative measures in order to live a healthier life.

My first goal is to research a juicer. Follow along, as I explore juicers and incorporate the Gerson Method into my family’s lifestyle. Gerson is not just for cancer, juicing also can be preventative.


      Crystal Bettenhausen-Bubulka

8 thoughts on “Exploring Cancer Options

  1. Good article. No matter what treatment option is taken, it is essential to life a healthy lifestyle to improve your likelihood of better outcomes – So eating well and being physically active has been shown to be very beneficial!

    Drop by for support for patients journeys exerciseoncologyaustralia.wordpress.com

    • Yes!! We are certainly mentioning that in our film. We interviewed a conventionally trained doctor who now does alternative treatments with her clients. I will check out your blog! Thank you for your comment!

  2. I’ve seen chemo being made and done my research on it, so I understand why a pharmacology professor I know would rather kill himself than have chemo. Seriously…it destroys your immune system and gut lining and various other things depending on the drug (but they’re not very specific to the cancer anyway despite propaganda, otherwise doctors/pharmacists/nurses wouldn’t be so desperate not to touch it).
    Did you know that in Israel, they banned 3 common pesticides and it reduced the death rate from breast cancer by 8% in a couple of years even though it previously kept going up? Unfortunately at least 1 is still being found in people despite bans in their own countries. I wonder what would have happened if they banned chemicals in plastics and conventional cosmetics that women have more exposure to…

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