TZM has a solution but it is difficult to apply when the majority of humans are unaware of such possibilities. TZM would be more effective if more members would participate at the local level and engage their respective communities to educate others on the tenets of TZM. At a local level, our San Diego chapter morale is extremely positive due to a resurgence of social action by the members. Previously, we had about 500 members on groupsite but only 5 to 7 of them actually participated in meetings and events. Since the end of 2012 we have been using Meetup.Com, which puts our events out to a much wider audience, increasing our overall membership. But more importantly, our active membership has more than doubled due to this wider communication.

           According to Sociologist Anthony Giddens, (1991) life politics is moving away from the political structure and realizing that the individual self is the center for political choice (as cited in Gray, 2008, p.184). Another Sociologist, Ulrich Beck, also sees the merit of moving away from the Left and Right political system by “shaping society bottom-up”, or subpolitics (As cited in Gray, 2008, p.186). Disengaging from state-controlled politics and moving towards self organization, political participation through local communities, non-governmental organizations, and social movements is now effecting more change than the former governmental political system (Gray, 2008, p.187). TZM certainly fits in this life politics and subpolitics structure and I hope more grass-roots organizations follow this structure. It is important to take the whole life perspective into consideration and move away from the band-aid culture we live in. My desire to see society continually improve and evolve is the reason I am a staunch activist for the Zeitgeist Movement – to remove the root of the problem, so symptoms don’t manifest, and the entire world becomes a healthier, more vibrant organism.

           Unlike most organizations, we look at the root of the problem and do not focus on patchwork. We can continue sewing a new patch on the torn quilt of life, but until we remove the nail on the bed frame, the quilt will continue to tear. Until the social system and its value system is addressed, we will continue to see such issues as poverty, scarcity, war, rape, terrorism, famine, genocide, pollution, etc. By increasing awareness of the social and technological possibilities that could prevail over many of the old ways of thinking, we can offer humane and sustainable solutions to world problems. CONTINUE TO LAST PAGE FOR REFERENCES

One Planet Project

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