Organizational Assessment

The basic structure of TZM contains Chapters, Teams, and Coordinators (Faq, n.d). Chapters are Zeitgeist member groups located at an international, state, and local level (Faq, n.d). Teams can be global and regional; there are developer, newsletter, media, technology, linguistic, and lecture teams (Faq, n.d.). Coordinators are representatives for each chapter and team (Faq, n.d). However, coordinators are not the leaders of TZM, for it is a leaderless movement and does not embrace the “follow the leader” mentality where a single person or a group of people arrive at decisions over others (Faq, n.d.).

          Instead, a Rational Consensus is employed – which is to not be confused with a “one person one vote” frame of mind – but instead is the process in which decisions are reached. (Faq, n.d). Information is communicated at recurring meetings, whether local or online, from bottom up through coordinator representation (Faq, n.d). If the San Diego Chapter has an idea that could be applied to the Global Movement, it would be discussed with all California City Chapters, and if Rational Consensus is met at the State level [ex. California], it then would be submitted to the Country Level [Ex. U.S.A] (Faq, n.d.). If Consensus is arrived at the Country level, it would thus be brought up at the International level [Ex. World] where the idea would be implemented if Consensus is attained there as well (Faq, n.d.). In cases of conflict and disagreement, each party would have to display their case without personal insinuations, assumptions, and personal bias in order to have validity (Faq, n.d.). Cases must be technical in manner, comprised of facts, logic, and examples (Faq, n.d.).

           No members – including coordinators – receive payment of any sort because all participation is voluntary (Faq, n.d.). The whole of TZM does not fundraise, but time is dedicated, not money (Faq, n.d.). In small instances donation boxes are allowed at the Chapter levels, and the Global Movement sells only one “official” shirt to offset administrative and hosting costs (Faq, n.d.). TZM recognizes that money is a corruptible influence, and the lack of financial gain prevents possible abuse within the movement (Faq, n.d.).CONTINUE TO PAGE 6

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