I had her slime on me and couldn’t get it off.

I promised myself to never falter again.

But she stole my rationality

and put it in her pussy.

I went in to get it back

Now, I’m stuck.

Enclosed in a wet and warm blanket of skin.

I fight to escape free.

Oxygen is the only one

who’s left her moist , tight



I’m left alone with empty lungs


no space to breath.

I’m left alone with the same patterns.


no diversity for my eyes to see.

I’m left alone

with regularity


no thrill.

All alone.

Her sap coats me

I widen my fingers

A web is fashioned

A curtain of her sap

Drapes my eyes

As I open them.

Her sap keeps me down

Her sap is the adhesive to

My misery.

Her bitter and sour sap.

My misery.

I stew in the quicksand

Slowly being pulled down

Until she saves me

Only to

throw me back in again.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat

Some more.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat

Some more.
I see rationality in the distance

But it’s out of my reach.

Family and friends

Try to bring it closer

Family and friends

Try to help


My ears have been out of order.

Her slime dribbled into the hollow spaces

And squirted them with

More slime.
Until the slime of another

Disinfects hers

I will be trapped

in her pussy.


Coated in her

Warm and wet slime.



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