Insects of gossip climb into soft ears and lay seeds of exaggeration and lies. They clamor inside minds and grow gardens of fraud. Because they are small they need to feel big by damaging the happiness others have. They yearn for love but it’s out of their reach. They see the love others have so they gorge on bitterness and swallow hate to cope. They categorize what they don’t understand. They get a small portion of who you are and define you as a whole, while ignoring the rest. They have that magnifying glass on you so much they forgot to look at themselves.

You can’t take that happiness away from us, because we are happiness, we are the architects of ecstasy, the authors of bliss. Once you insects of gossip realize this, you too will be happy. Until then, we forgive and accept you while not indulging in your subpar performance. Once spectators stop buying tickets to your play, maybe you’ll be able to throw your character away and become you.

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