F for the way we run society

Because I am critical and forthright about our current socio-economic system I am deemed “negative” and that I am “no fun” by wombs of delusion. However like a proton, I am positively charged. Just because I feel it’s of great consequence to converse about such topics doesn’t delete the fun away from me. My attitude on life is to consume happiness, to splurge on love, to embrace the compounds and elements that are life! My goal is that, together, we help feed happiness to others, to drown the dejected in lagoons of love, and to assist one another in steering this ship called life away from distress and scarcity.

But we silence our vocal chords to the echoes of “help”, we close our eyes to extinct smiles and sad eyes, as we turn off our hearing to the screams of pain. So long as other carriers of the same elements of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus that make YOU up suffer; we are just that red bold CAPITAL F! We can still celebrate the beauty of life while serving those affected by the ugly of life. May the wombs of delusion eventually birth reality.

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