You are 10 years older than I, yet you radiate beauty and exude youth. You created life therefore a goddess by definition. Your blood and cells live on in smaller versions of you, 3 children who divert eyes and ears to them, where spotlights form above them as they interact with life. As people revel in their loveliness and diverse personalities, they gaze in wonderment at their designer. To no surprise, they see the splendor and humanity has been transmitted to them, by you.

As your children age into adulthood they will unearth rocks of gratitude and gems of appreciation for their loving mother. Explosions of epiphanies will radiate through thier mind, heart, and soul. They will remember the love you gave in hateful times; the nurture given in times of isolation; and the lessons given when questions weren’t being answered. They will see you as we see our mother.

An amalgam of pulchritude, compassion, and strength exemplify who you are. You transform waves of stress into little ripples. You mold chaotic winds into calm breezes. You stand strong as a harmonious field of love encircles you, deflecting negativity into nothingness.

With your arms extended wide like a peacock’s feather, you accept people with their scars as their demons hover by. The focal point to your senses is your family. You would let your happiness stand in front of a running train; you would throw it off a bridge as it is swallowed by a sea of torment, you would  cause its demise by stabbing it with a knife of sacrifice if, and only if, you knew it would benefit your family. Each decision made in your life incorporates all that are touched by you.

You are the ear when I need to speak, the guidance when I am unsure, and the support when I fall. You are my big sister, how fortunate I am. I love you.


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