American Hegemony

I live in a country where unplanned pregnancies go up, as education goes down. Where education teaches American propaganda and distorted histories. Where the history was written from the blood of those we conquered while crossing out the truth.

I live in America, where our government is the fighter of “terrorism” but has yet to realize it is the authentic terrorist. Since WWII, we have had over one hundred military operations in  countries worldwide It is estimated that our government has around 900 military bases around the Earth and the number is rising.

We masquerade ourselves in clothes of democracy and freedom but in reality we bring corporatocracy and poverty. We subdue and slay people from other countries who are trying to protect their livelihood while we embezzle money and devastate their environment.

I live in a country that had a child out of wedlock and named her Hegemony.

I live in America where we have to “support the troops” or we are persecuted and called anti-American. Our troops are seen as heroes, yet they are paid mercenaries. Many soldiers are uneducated youth who are stuck in the cobwebs of the system with no other escape but to be the pawns of those in control of the chess board. Hopefully in time, these soldiers will use their energy and skills to better the world and not to better the financial gain of those in power.

I live in a nation where funding for social programs is depleted in order to congest the military industrial complex. Where bullet shells and bones plant despair and heartache in the minds and souls of fellow human beings.

America, the land of the blindfolded free.

Everyday our senses are exposed with about 5,000 thousand ads and yet, street artists are persecuted for putting up their art. But when did we ever have a choice with the ads placed around our atmosphere daily?

I live in a nation where Kim Kardashian and other reality Neanderthals can move people into values of money, fashion, and commercialization, whereas Ghandi and Martin Luther King moved people into values of unity, freedom, and peace. Where any ideal different from the usual is terroristic, communistic, hippie rhetoric.

Where mainstream media is used daily to hijack your mind; where they impregnate your prefrontal cortex with apathy and liquefy empathy.

Where “patriotic” men and women stand at created borders and disparage other humans for trying to find a better life because their occupation was taken away.

Where, some marijuana users and dealers do more time in our incarceration nation than those who appease their deviant sexual desires on little kids.

I live in a country where religious followers preach peace and yet call for the killing of homosexuals. Where the Bible is called the “good book” yet in reality is brewed with ingredients of human sacrifice, rape, murder, slavery, lies, and contradictions. Only seasonings of love, unity, and acceptance sprinkle the surface.

Where aisles and aisles of toxic food fill supermarket shelves while healthy and nutritious food hides on bottom racks. Where, it is radical to have a food supply that is organic, natural, and GMO free, yet conservative to have factory farms reminiscent of holocaust camps.

Where, in a matter of time, we’ll have Red Bull and T-Mobile advertising on tanks and military uniforms that put
stop signs on life. Where fighter pilots will eventually drop bombs that are paid for by McDonald’s so long as their emblem is on each one. Where Wal-Mart happy face stickers will be marketed on soldiers’ rifles while pointing at the sad faces of those being exploited.

However, to the credit of America we rank top in many ways. According to Chris Hedges, in his exceptional book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, page XIV-XV, among industrialized nations the United States has the highest: 

  •  Poverty rate, both generally and for children
  •  Infant mortality rates
  •  Prevalence of mental health problems
  •  Proportion of population going without health care due to cost
  •  Consumption of antidepressants
  •  Rate of failure to ratify international agreements
  •  Military spending as a portion of GDP
  •  International arm sales
  •  Homicide rate
  •  Obesity rate

Moreover, the “Land of Opportunity” has:

  •  Second highest high school dropout rate
  •  Second lowest birth weight for children per capita
  •  Largest prison population
  •  Greatest inequality of income
  •  Worst score on the United Nations gender inequality index
  •  Lowest government spending as a percentage of GDP on social programs for the disadvantaged
  •  Lowest social mobility
  •  Lowest spending on international development and humanitarian assistance as a percentage of GDP

I live in America, where do you live!?


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6 thoughts on “Where?

  1. unfortunately this is the reality of America, i wish more people were more awake of the truth thats infront of them instead of ingesting corporate media lies. Many people have this false perception that america is the only country of freedom, that its the greatest in the world, fighting for freedom when in reality as you pointed out are oppressing other nations for self interests.

    • Yes! It is really unfortunate, sad, and most of all frustrating. We tend to compare ourselves to the really worst off countries, many especially in Africa. But we never compare ourselves to countries that are far better than us in happiness, equality, freedom, social and well being. Thank you for your comment!

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