Slaving away at these pages


Society told me I’d get higher wages


Instead all I’ll get is higher debt


Higher learning and education beget




Bills: the only thing I own



Now I’m an indentured servant to the banking institution


It’s the new form of prostitution


Creditors the new pimps, the new thugs


Collecting money; the most exploited drug


Gonna pay till my skin and bones smolder down


I’ll be free when my ashes are spread around


Creditors can’t find me


in Dante’s purgatory



Thought education was a natural right


Interest loops around my neck yanking tight


But like everything else, it comes with a price tag


I suffocate and gag


Cheeks colored like the Japanese sun


Face is about to explode like after the war was won


When the atomic bombs fertilized the land


The concept “free education for all” banned


Like the Catcher in the Rye.


Health, education, shelter, food; one must buy.


You’re only as free as your purchasing power


We are just the falling petals of a flower.


Sick, illiterate, homeless, starving; dried-up


Our only freedoms lie-in the Urn cup.



“Why did you do it then?” people ask me


I guess I rather take my chance with a degree


You gambled on that house and auto


Now you’re using a penny to scratch off that lotto


Thought you avoided that “balance due”


Ducked out on higher education but bills still accrue.


Foreclosure signs are sprouting up in the yard


Overdrawn on your credit card


We’re all on the same boat


Participated in signing those promissory notes


Just depends on what debt you chose


Our spirits will continue to be bulldozed.



I adopted a child and named her Sallie Mae


Can’t have a child until I repay


Signed those papers so I could get an education


Instead signature approved financial castration



Bank statements slowly paper cutting the casing


Down my legs the blood is racing


From my reproductive glands


Holding them in my hands


One last time.


Blood and slime


Squeezing thru my fingers


Resembles raw chicken skin, a smell lingers.



Higher education is money trap; with an increase


Of mental prowess comes a decrease


In finances.


For humanity to have advances


Education is the tool


But society is run by greedy fools


Herding sheep on barren ground


While swimming in dirty money abound.



Unfortunately it’s a society of credentials


Killing the youth’s potentials


By teaching distorted courses


Fattening up the armed forces


While schools lose weight.


I’ll be a part of that unemployment rate


Or maybe a janitor with a degree


Time will only tell or,.. time will be stripped from me.

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