Angry winds flap the red, white, and blue: colors of hypocrisy, colors of lies. Flags wave back at the crowds which are propped up by the hands of the enslaved as they clamor patriotic fervor. Education has been deleted from their minds and substituted with mindless repetitive indoctrination. Their flags of unity and peace burned along with the bones and flesh of their ancestors. Their flags were betrayed by the red, white, and blue. The stars and stripes painted ink on treaties only to later shatter them with a hammer of betrayal.

Here we are, with the remnants of a population nearly extinct. Their heritage, language, and culture were chiseled over with that of the red, white, and blue. Some hold their history in their arms over their heart and soul. They inhale and exhale the life of their ancestors in and out of their peace pipe. They sweat the wounds and suffering of their murdered families away. They dance their fatality to hopeful drums. Despair brought on by the dominant culture is healed by the medicine wheel.

Here we are. 

Flag of oppression waved by those exploited from it.

Here we are.


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