You said I was a great catch, yet, you threw me back. Back to the sea of jealous women, irrational and emotionally charged piranhas. Piranhas that haven’t eaten flesh in days, ravenous creatures that would stop at nothing to cleave pieces of my skin and meat; to fill their bodies with enough security to last them a couple of days. Erratic piranhas who gorge themselves blindly to get their way.  Piranhas who have sold reason away. They ingest my truth and digest sensationalist lies.

Fickle little piranhas. You goddesses of conflict and hypocrisy. You makers of the fake, you parasitical temptresses. Back into the nightmares of your life, I return.

I’ve been tossed back and don’t know why. If curiosity killed the cat, then I am dead. Innards splattered about like the fisherman’s catch of the day. Discarded bowels for the birds to devour.  I’ve cum to a realization now; you too are just a piranha. Only difference is you aren’t hungry anymore.  You threw me back baby, this ain’t fetch, I’m not returning. Just like the rest of the piranhas, you’ll get hungry again; this time, I ain’t feeding you.  

-The Lowly Catch


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