Oh yes, you are “conservative”, but your actions say otherwise. Talking about monogamy, yet you fuck hookers. Unwise! Talk about criminalizing marijuana yet you accent your nose with that white powder. Lies! Saying you want “American” products yet your clothing is made from exploited fingers not of this country. Sweatshops, a profit motive oasis. You preach the word of God and are an avid church-goer. Mental stasis! Yet, you shun homelessness, judge, extract homophobia, have sex before marriage, and wear materialism on a daily basis.

Conservative; but you piss pollution and shit exhaust. Environmentally numb! Against abortion but you’ve paid for some. Against immigration but your parents were some. Against the rated R movies yet you jack off to asphyxiation porn. Bizarre! In the public, it’s all a facade, why don’t you take off your skin and show us who you really are?

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14 thoughts on “Conservative you say?

  1. Love the angry rant. For most of these people its called ‘projection’. They hate, accuse, judge, discriminate and attack only because inside they’re empty from being unable to live their lives openly and without fear of judgement from others–they project their insecurities on easier targets. What shit way to think. Good job, Montessi 😉

      • Sometimes our best work is that which portrays a raw emotion. No filters, or agendas but versatility. This post can be applied to just about anything or anyone. I like the fact that you don’t need to point out in your piece that it’s about politics, or democrats and republicans. It’s that good. You don’t need to explain it.

      • Thanks Lid! Yea I have a lot of stuff like this. Since I am doing grad school I don’t have much time to write so I am posting stuff that I wrote but never published. Thanks for the compliments.

  2. You can take the man out of Political Science, but you can’t take the political science out of the man! LOL. I’m glad you’re using your degree to point out the errors of their ways!

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