Mom, as has been said throughout the day, happy birthday. It can’t get more generic than that so let me expand on it a little…
Today is the day to honor your birth, a birth that has added so much to the lives of those who have met your soul. Although as your cub I am biased, I think many will agree with me.
Listen, I am not going to stop telling you how much you mean to me, how much I love you, and how much gratitude I have towards you. You nurture like the mother you are. You listen like a best friend. You help like a caregiver. You heal like a doctor. You teach like a professor. You are all. You give all.
You say I chose you, but we chose each other. This surpasses the usual mother and son relationship; it’s a symbiotic relationship, so thank you for being in symbiosis with me.
Growing up with you was a gift. When my heart was slowly ripped apart by girls, I came running to you as you eased my fall. As school stressed me out, you slowly lifted the books stacked on top of me. As my anger spiraled out of control you redirected it into peace. As my health hit a pitfall, you became the medicine I needed.You never made me feel guilty about making mistakes or for asking questions. With my youthful confusion, you took away the “un” and left certainty.
You are the gravitational pull to my orbit. Without you I would collide and become self destructive. No matter what asinine dreams I had, you always supported them and never put me down. You watered me daily so I could bloom into healthy existence. I hope I can do you right like you did for your parents.Thank you for being my compass point.

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