Writer’s block, writer’s block
Where do I go now?
No inspiration
Must I suffer to write?

I’ll be a masochist
Need the pain to flourish
Let it grow like the mold in my showers

When my soul is filled with wretchedness
Inspiration will breed

Breed like Monsanto’s crops
Crops that are Genetically Modified
Modified to torment our bodies

Inspiration found
Inspiration lost

Where do I find my inspiration?

Start in the stomachs of African children
Hunger pains

In the genitals of Middle Eastern women

In the mass graves never found

In the ropes that hung men and women

Within the parents’ hearts of abducted children

The limbs left overseas

Or should I find inspiration closer to home?

In the rough hands with no homes
Cardboard cushions on cold surfaces at night
Transform to “hungry” during the day

In the souls with no homes
Impregnated with inferiority by society

Inspiration found
Inspiration lost

Writer’s block, writer’s block
Where do I go now?

Inside my home?
Refrigerator lonesome
Only guest is Mayonnaise

In my Mother’s eyes
Filled with rainy clouds
Droplets of grief
Flooding my chest
Penetrating through shirt and skin
Voyaging to my heart
Transplanting melancholy

In our wallets,
Politicians promise,

In our bills,
Government’s greed,

Starvation, misery, destitution
The world

Resource Based Economy
The solution

Suffering found
Writer’s block lost

***Thank you for taking the time to read my work. If you enjoy what you read; please share, like, and comment. All of these details help me drastically and will allow me to write more often. Thank you for your support!***

4 thoughts on “My Right to Writer’s Block

  1. Good followup on your “Poem to Humans, by Money”. I think things will get worse before they get better. But I have never known you to have true writer’s block — you are always eloquent!

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