I’m trying so hard to remember the everything about you but it’s fading fast. I’m clinging to those memories dearly.

I want to remember every minute detail; the freckles on your body, how you stroked my hair, the dimples that accented your skin.

Where did your mouth visit my body? How did you move the contours of your tongue?



A mixture of the two?

Did the sounds of your love scream or whisper pleasure? Give me answers honey.

Help me remember, I don’t want to forget.

It’s hard to allow you to dwell in my mind when you no longer pay rent. It’s not that I don’t want you there, but it’s been so long since we’ve communicated; both physically, and verbally.

My mind only allows visitors to stay when they’ve reciprocated in mutual feelings and appreciate the love and care I give.

So help me keep them. Come back, tell your clothes to leave you alone, and let me introduce you to my bed. My sheets like it when we press down on them together, so shall we? Let’s anger the pillows and force them off the bed.

Rekindle my memory; let my waist be the trampoline you jump on. Tell my hands where to go. Let my tongue speak to your neck. Allow my breath to arouse the hairs on your body. May the chills stampede throughout your skin like horses on grassy plains.

If I didn’t please you well enough back then, I will make it up to you, don’t worry about that. I only get off when you get off. So let’s ride this rocket ship as one.

I don’t care why you left or why we stopped talking, let that go, I know I did. Let us experience the human condition. Let’s feel.

When our lips converge I know the memories will return like stray dogs to families. As we further our bodily contact, flashbacks will burst into my mind. Every touch will be a wormhole to the past.

I will recall that our first time you were shy. Your legs were a knot and you begged me to turn off the lights. My eyes needed to be fed but you were so apprehensive. As I polished your legs repeatedly and sprinkled my kisses on them, the knot became looser and looser.

Eventually, your body became laissez-faire and I was finally able to gaze at the most sensual ingredient of your body. With my hands I forced your pelvic area down so you couldn’t slip away from the intense pleasure that was about to follow. From the top of your knee cap I slowly licked your thigh upwards, until I got closer and closer. Your eye lids shut in fear, while your mouth welcomed the intimacy with its moans.

My tongue struck that which rests in between your legs, little by little. It was only a taste, I wanted you to suffer and beg for more.

And you did. You forced my head towards you, so I licked, nibbled, and sucked until the pleasure became unbearable. Your legs began to tremble like my heart as the blood began to flow.

My memory stops there.

Help me fill in the blanks.

I’ll be waiting….

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2 thoughts on “Help Me Remember!

  1. Lovely! Very erotic but cute and clever at the same time. Sounds like this was not the same lady who was too religious in your former story? LOL.

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