Father’s Day is a day where we are supposed to show our appreciation to our Dads and honor the paternal bond. I only hope that we show our gratitude to deserving Fathers everyday and not only on this commercialized holiday. But I will follow along for today and demonstrate my admiration towards you.

I wish I could put all the love and appreciation towards you in my words, but that would be impossible, because those feelings are insurmountable.

You are the ignition to my revolutionary ideals; the flame to the fire I carry. You are the steering wheel to my car; guiding me through life’s racetrack.

You are my Jose Marti! You are my Che! You are my Bolivar; revolutionizing my mind, provoking my thoughts, and challenging my beliefs.

I was in Plato’s cave until you freed me and showed me reality.

You showed me the world on a map, enticing me with curiosities that could only be satisfied by exploring the world. By large part, if it weren’t for you, I would have never met the world.

I haven’t always agreed with your ways or your advice but regardless, everything you have ever said or done was because you wanted the best for us.

You epitomize sacrifice. You sucked away all the pain and suffering we had and infused it within you. Your happiness has always been disposable, so long as it benefited us.

You are strict, stubborn, stern, philosophical, caring, and most of all loving. From the most miniscule insects, to animals, and to humans, you truly love in the purest form.

As far as my mind can reach its memory; I’ll never forget the prickly mustache hairs irritating my cheeks, your vigorous hugs, and the security I always feel around you.

Since I was as tall as your legs, I can reminisce about the times we agonizingly endured the despair in departure lounges. Throughout our whole life we’ve been separated by land, sea, and flags. Mechanical birds took me away. Your eyes illustrated the surrender, the pain, the longing of your departed children. Yet, you stood there tall, towering over all, strong, letting us know you were ok when you weren’t. Coming back to a mute and lonely home, you rushed to our rooms and smelled our shirts. Each inhale brought you closer to us; each inhale brought the tears you couldn’t let us see.

I am sorry for our separation. I am sorry for the pain our distance brought. But I thank you for always putting us first. Thank you for being the Dad that our world so badly needs today. Thank you for making me who I am today.

Your Grateful Son.

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3 thoughts on “A Letter to a Father

  1. Lovely! I’m sorry you had to through the “separation dance” when you were growing up, but I’m so happy you and your siblings overcame the trials of being children of divorced parents; and now you can simply love us and enjoy us whenever you can.

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