Mother’s day started in Ancient Egypt by honoring the Goddess Isis, and I know why.

Mom, you are my Isis.

You seek justice, help those in need, find righteousness in people, and see the best in everyone with no judgement. You are a manifestation of all things spiritual.

You are the mother of MY nature.

In our lives, we have times when a darkness, a light of obscurity, a cloud of fear, engulfs us. It back us in a corner with nowhere to go, and swallows us whole. It’s hell’s shadow; it’s the antithesis of peace, love, and light. In order to continue you’re life’s journey, one has to escape such a prison of despair.

The key to the lock is YOU.  When nights of suffering surround me, the brightness of the day saves me. A light of such intensity, it surpasses the radiance of the brightest star. You are the cosmic light, the illumination that causes the darkness to flee away. You are the shroud that covers me from the dark miseries that life may manufacture.

You are freedom. You are love. You are peace. You are you, and I am thankful!

Today marks the celebration of YOU, and for me, it marks the wisdom you’ve instilled in all of us. You are the peace to my turmoil, the answer to my questions, the humility to my ego, and the everything to my nothing.

Even my words cannot describe what you mean not only to me, but to all that have had the pleasure to be graced by your presence.

You are the cool wind on hot days, the rain that pours on desert floors, the warmth of a fire in sub zero temperature.

Thank you mother, you will always be the best example of what a human should be. To just say “I love you” would be an injustice to what you mean to me as a totality.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Just one of the thousand hearts and souls you’ve touched, your son

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5 thoughts on “A Letter to a Mother

  1. Oh my goodness gracious! You give me entirely too much credit, but I am thrilled, honored, and awed that you feel this way! Thanks, Son, for the best gift a mother could ask for — her child’s love and appreciation! Wow!

    • Our suspicions of Gaddafi’s cliams about the death of his son and grand children are further strengthened by:1- It was claimed that 3 children (Hanibal’s, Muhammed’s, and Aisha’s) were also killed in the attack. Last night, however, Libyan tv showed what appeared to be two adult corpses and only 1 child corpse. All were fully shrouded so no one could make any positive identification.2- It is highly unlikely that all the Gaddafi families were in the same place at the same time given the situation in Libya. It is not exactly party or picnic time in Tripoli for them!3- The 2 adults corpses shown on Libya tv last night were extremely swollen indicating that these have been dead for some time much longer than the 24 hours since the attack in question. Thus, even if one of the corpses was Saif’s he could have been killed some time ago in a completely different incident.4- During today’s funeral, I was only able to notice one coffin (claimed to be that of Saif Alarab). What happened to the others?5- In 1986 Gaddafi produced a similar claim that one of his children (Hana) was killed in the US attack on his house. It turned out to be false and Hana is still alive and is a grownup now.6- The atmosphere of today’s funeral, which was a mix of chaos and bad taste, did not give a feel of real loss or mourning to the ruling dynasty and its supporters.7- As I write these comments, the Libyan tv is showing live coverage of singing and dancing idiots in Bab Alaziziya (Gaddafi’s compound). Again dismissing the likelihood of the claim.

  2. Reading this is humbling. It is rhythmic and poetic and beautiful, and it is a true gift for your Mother.

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