American Democracy does not exist in the courts that are supreme, in the house painted white, or in the enforcement of law. When roll call is taken, democracy is absent by the representatives of the house, the senate, and by the forces armed. When standing in front of the ballot getting ready to vote, your choices are between despotic, repressive, or pretend. The one choice not on the ballot is democracy. American Democracy exists only in one place – but it is asleep. If awakened it will be the greatest tyranny to the machine.

Democracy in America is in the civil disobedience, in the protest signs that yell against injustice, and in the tents that shelter occupiers! It is the signatures on petitions calling for freedom, equality, and peace! Democracy in America is in the history books that tell the actual story of America, it’s in the intellectuals who unveil the propaganda and tell the genuine realities of our “American Democracy”; it’s the John Perkins, Noam Chomskys, and Cornell Wests! Democracy is in the Martin Luther Kings and in the Howard Zinns!

It is in the words that spell S T R I K E! It is in the demonstrations against the Corporate Monarchy! It is the words spoken by teachers who don’t follow the institution and actually teach the youth the truth!

The names of American Democracy are in the names of consumers who don’t support the system but use their wallets to prop up fair trade and sustainability. Democracy is those who use social media as a weapon that fires awareness and alarms the minds of those enslaved by the mainstream. Democracy is a Resource Based Economy! Democracy is here!  Democracy is in me!  Democracy is in YOU!  Stop pressing snooze, wake up the beast of liberty!


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