Use your eyes as if you were blind your whole life and were given sight for one day. How would you treat your eyes then?  You have sight, so appreciate the sunset, the clouds, and the luminous moon at night. Cherish the bright freckles scattered among space that we call stars. Go home and grab your families and friends by the face, and look into their eyes; visit their souls.  Take in the sights of nature bad and good. Go to impoverished areas and gaze at the abject poverty; cardboard homes with shopping carts used as closets. Look at the clothes they wear, it’s their treasure from your trash.

Use your ears as if you were deaf all your life and were given hearing. Value the sounds of laughter, of the waves crashing into the shores, of the rain weeping onto the floors of the earth. Listen to the cries of the people, follow the sounds, and ease their pain. Listen to the love making by the wind and leaves. Listen to your lover’s moans, your family’s voices, your friends’ conversations. Listen to the screeches of bullets, the booms of tanks, the roars of grenades – now, silence them.

Use your voice as if you were a mute all your life. Use words to let people know you appreciate them. Let them know you are grateful to be a part of their lives. Let your voice spell T H A N K Y O U to those who help you and others. Say ‘hello’ to strangers and smile. What would you do with a voice? Would you stay silent or would you yell for freedom!?  Go ahead, shout for peace! Holler against war! Let your vocal chords create the noises of love. Speak against injustice, inequality, and division! Speak FOR justice, equality, and unity! Swell your diaphragm; breathe in deep, and echo the sounds of peace.

Use your nose as if you’ve never been able to smell until this day. Wake up early, enter the Mexican bakery, close your eyes, and taste the sweet breads, cakes, and sweets with your nose. Drive to a local farm; let the spinach, tomatoes, garlic, and onions fuse with your nose. Smell the roses, the lilies, and other blossomed flowers that sweat perfume.  Stand at the end of the pier and inhale the aroma of the sea. Embrace your lover, hold her close, smell her skin, her neck, her inner thighs, and her breasts.  Let her fragrance scent the insides of your nose. Visit her soul, inhale. Give coins to the homeless man outside the nightclub you party at. Whiff the odors of alcohol spewing from his pores. Society shunned him away so he drowns his pain away. Let the stink of spilt oil and gas attack your nostrils! Let the stench of a polluted earth and its car exhaust, dead fishes, smoke, and burnt bodies from war, overcast the pleasing smells. Smell the danger? The pain? Remember these smells so you’ll never have to smell them again. Transform these repulsive odors into peaceful and serene aromas.

Use your tongue as if it had been cut off by a rusty machete when you were held as a prisoner of war in the past – but it somehow grew back. What would you taste first? Go ahead indulge your taste buds. Let the food melt in your mouth and swim around your tongue and teeth. Take in the nutrients and make yourself healthier. Kiss your significant other, taste her saliva, taste his soul. Try the flavors your lovers provide, taste that love. Now taste the poverty: carcinogenic canned food, high fructose corn syrup, deadly aspartame, and the hormones embedded in your food. Taste the insufficient funds: injected modified vegetables and fruits, bleached rice, and the sugary processed everything. Taste the hate:  that religious hypocrisy, that gay bashing, the prevalent racism and bigotry. I know it’s not savory but keep doing it, come on, drink that poison: men vs. women, black vs. white, gang vs. gang. Nibble on that Democrat vs. Republican, country vs. country, socialist vs. capitalist, you know that division? Taste the hardship so you can never taste it again! Now that you know what it tastes like, help others taste the prosperity, freedom, love, and peace. 

Use your hands as if you got your touch back after a lifetime of paralysis. Imagine the feeling of having the ability to feel. You’d rush to your kids and hold their warmth close. You’d dash to your wife or husband and make love to them like never before. Go outside, dip your body into the cold pond, what does water feel like? Massage the grass, the trees, and the flowers with your touch. Let the grains of sand nestle in between your toes and fingers. Oh the elation to be able to feel!!  However, you need to touch all. Touch the face and arm polluted with leprosy. The open sores pustulating like a volcano slowly building up to eruption. Ride the disfigured bumps with your fingers. Touch the torment. Feel the human being with no warmth, touch the chest, feel the silence of the heart, it no longer sings its song. Place your hand on a starving child, similar to a skeleton but not yet, as of now, the child is just skin and bones. Feel the stomach growl for food. Use your finger to dry their weeping eyes. Stroke the hard and metallic weapons, touch these menacing tools. Now, rest your hands on the person injured by those weapons. You caress the wounded person’s arms because he has no legs. Visit the prison; hug the bars that hold victims of society captive. Go to the polluted gulf, feel the sea organisms marinated in shadowy and slimy leaked oil.  Touch the lonely, the cold, and the hungry so you’ll never have to feel them again! Help others touch companionship, warmth, and abundance!

Do we live our days really appreciating our senses? What if you were not capable of using one or all of your senses? Would you regret not using these instruments more?  Are we truly aware of what our senses can do for not only ourselves, but for humanity!? We have senses yet we’re numb, we’re senseless and insensitive. Shall we use the tools we are born with to: reproduce apathy, feed the fire that burns us, or be slaves with invisible chains, insensate and unfeeling?

How often do we look but not see?

Hear but not listen?

Speak but not educate?

Inhale but not smell?

Eat but not taste?

Touch but not feel?  

I don’t have the answers but you do!

Maximize your senses to attain happiness and love. Help others find that as well. Be the eyes for those who can’t see. Listen for those who can’t hear. Speak for those who can’t express themselves or are too afraid. Describe the smells to those who can’t use their nose. Illustrate the flavors for those whose taste buds ran away. Touch souls for those who can’t feel.  Sense your world in all its richness and diversity, and thereby be a “sensible” model to bring others to their senses.

***Thank you for taking the time to read my work. If you enjoy what you read; please share, like, and comment. All of these details help me drastically and will allow me to write more often. Thank you for your support!***

2 thoughts on “Sense Your World!

  1. I am sorry, either I think you have me mistaken for someone else, or your comment is a prank. Regardless of which one, it made me laugh so thank you for that, and I don’t mean that saracastically.

  2. Lovely piece, Gino! I recently wrote about using our 5 senses in an erotic setting, to deepen one’s relationship with a lover, so I really enjoyed your version of using the senses!

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