My equal, my lover,
The woman I like to discover.
Today is the ever-popular Valentine’s Day
A consumeristic holiday,
In which we are to adorn one another
With gifts, food, and demonstrate love to each other.

I’m supposed to shower you with purses, earrings, and rings.
Towel you with chocolates, roses, and other things.
Today we are to have fine dining.
Our love on Hallmark cards.
Doing the customary routine instead of something more avant-garde.
Buy each other materialistic products we can’t pay for.
To symbolically show our love with merchandise from the store.

Baby, don’t expect any of that, my gift to you is nothing.
Yes that is right, nothing!
No slave roses;
No lunch breaks, less than a dollar a day, and suffering it imposes.

No blood diamond earrings or necklace.
Supporting such atrocities is reckless.
Don’t want my money to support:
Corruption in government regimes and the national court.
Nor shall I pay for violence, poverty, and environmental devastation.
Still these products are sold by our American Corporations.
Naw, my bills won’t compensate for forced labor and rape.
Buying ethical jewelry must take shape.

I know you have a sweet tooth,
But if you look past mainstream media you’ll see the truth.
Many cocoa beans are harvested in inhumane conditions.
Mostly done by kids abused, tortured, with no help from politicians.
Chocolates shouldn’t be shaped as hearts,
But instead as oppressed children in chains falling apart.

You see I won’t fall for this Valentine’s Day trap.
As if today is the only day love shall be unwrapped.
Love isn’t more important today.
Love is every day.

What is more loving than NOT supporting such inhumanity?
What is more loving than NOT buying products marinated in vanity?
Love is extensionality!
To extend each other’s ability to understand the world we live in!
This is the purest form of love one can attain within.

Real love is NOT a word.
It is not the absurd
Love portrayed in novels and movies of romance.
It is tangible, it is to enhance
Each other’s life.
Not a possession like a husband and wife.

Love fluctuates, it is never inert.
It is to understand one another through happiness and hurt.
Increasing and improving our relationship as time flows.
I am honored I am the one you chose.

We have no final destination; we journey like a blowing feather.
I look forward to our evolution together.
We may end today, tomorrow, or never.
But that doesn’t matter whatsoever.
Thank you for helping extend me.
Hope to do the same with our love so free.

I am not in love with you.
I am in extensionality with you!


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13 thoughts on “Happy NO Valentine’s Day!

  1. You’re absolutely correct about this, but I’m still kind of sad — I love getting cards and presents, and especially chocolates. Get me some fair trade gifts! LOL.

    • Thank you so much! Yea I have been told that, I don’t know if I have the mental fortitude to go out in front of people and speak.

  2. I absolutely love this! It’s like you reached into my mind and identified all the frauds that people support because they’re conditioned to. You’re a true visionary my friend and I love you for it!

  3. I first read this when you wrote it a few years ago. It just appeared again in my FB feed today, and I decided to read it again. Wow! This is still powerful and awesome and extremely timely! Good job, G!

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