It pains me to see lypo vacuums, silicone bullets, and mascara tears.
With the amniotic fluid tsunami, comes out societal fears.
Celebrity magazine cut outs bonded to teenage walls.
To release the pain, you buy self-esteem at malls.
It makes me sick to witness SICK diets.
Consumeristic Black Friday riots.
Stomach belts to ‘slim’ you down.
Insecurity is the water that causes you to drown.
Bras doing pushups on your chest.
Little boys and girls will be impressed.
No summer body, so vacant beaches.
Sucking out contentment.
Too focused on society’s judgment.
Let it go, release that weight.
Are you, or are they in control of your fate?
Victoria Secret makes you want to go to the gym.
You want to be slim.
Looking at others work out; withdrawn.
3 days of the gym and you are gone.
“Fat, obese, ugly,” they scream!
Verbal machetes slash self esteem.
Discouraged, demoralized; emotional scars.
Self-worth and self-respect are constrained by mental bars.
Only time you get self satisfaction
Is when boys give you sexual interaction.
You force yourself to get that attention
Clothes taken off, legs open, tension.
Feel useful when your clothes lie on your floor.
Once back on, boy leaves and shuts the door.
His care for you only inhabits the insides of the LifeStyle
Now you no longer feel worthwhile.
Covered in blankets as used as you
Wondering what you got yourself into.
Lying on a bed of isolation
On pillows ashamed
Psychologically maimed.
Need the high heels and makeup to feel pretty.
Wal-Mart Super Centers and outlet malls are the new holy cities.
Need your nice kicks and name brand clothing to feel handsome.
Yet the apparel you wear is made from people held at ransom.
Fabric sprinkled with a blood, tears, and sweat.
Higher wages, benefits, and regulations are a corporation’s threat.
System is about competition
When you can’t live up to it, comes out insecure conditions.
You feel empty and hollow
Famous people you try to follow.
Media leads you to believe
That their path is the right one. Naïve.
Industry of Fashion
Has no compassion.
Superficial, superficial.
Use to be real, now you’re artificial.
Your pond used to be abundant
Now it’s shallow like you. Media messages are redundant;
Deceitful, hypocritical, two-faced, insincere.
Internal beauty disappears.
Friends, peers, and family put you down.
Worthlessness seeps into your head from that pretend crown.
Other accomplices are Movies, Celebrities, and television,
You work over the summer to get that incision.
Surgery; needles, stitches, skin
New breast, nose, or chin.
Anesthesia, bandages, and blood.
Now, an appearance of a stud.
You ‘fixed’ the exterior.
Scars healed but you still feel inferior.
Because you realize it’s phony, counterfeit, pretend.
You wear a costume everyday to blend
Yet, you forget you must cure yourself from within.
Until then, you’ll always feel insignificant.
Love yourself, ignore society,… you’re SIGNIFICANT!!

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8 thoughts on “Funeral for Self-Esteem

  1. Gino, the rhyming pattern is a tad too elementary, monotonous and expected – good writing is not easy, for me at least. Go deeper, spend more time on the next one – you can do better. Break from the cliché. A great poet lives in you.

  2. Gino, I liked the rap format — I can almost hear it chanted through the microphone as you pace the stage! I also liked your imagery, your similes/metaphors. I’m fascinated by the different styles of writing you experiment with! And your topic is — of course — very apropos!

  3. that was some cool shiznit…..the light has to come from within……and out….I have gone through this….
    What is society was built for distraction…
    So that when you come out of it…and see your true inner light, you become so awakened and never forget that feeling…????
    I have personally experienced that awakening…so I know how it feels to go through the motions…and come out of darkness, like the deep abyss ;););)

    There are no security blankets….GOD deals us the cards and we have to deal with them…the best we can and learn….;)

  4. Better late than never 😉

    The message shone through. This is an excellent example of what our Westernized youth goes through. It takes encouragement, love and lot of dedication from family and good friends to keep kids from spiraling into depression and developing disorders that will affect them throughout the rest of their lives. With all the bs the media pushes at us on what constitutes as perfection–looks, possessions, etc–it’s no wonder minds are mangled and deluded into idolizing disgusting and ridiculous standards. This was hard to read and hit a nerve. We’ve all been through one form or another of this. Thanks for putting it ‘on paper’, though. ♥

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