Imagine being Yuri Gagarin, the Russian astronaut who was the first person in space. In a small rocket ship he propelled upwards past the clouds and atmosphere. With the world watching him, he voyaged to the unknown. An adventure filled with a multitude of emotions.

Now, picture for one moment what it was like to see our earth from above. Glancing from the darkness of space, he saw rich colors of light and dark blue, touches of violet, blotches of white and gleams of orange, yellow, and green.

Imagine that.

It will become apparent that the blood of the earth is the water and the flesh is the land we live on, the atmosphere, earth’s skin. At such a distance you will not see borders, tanks, or missiles. Blind to your eyes will be political groups, people in conflict, and polluted waters.

Images of poverty, ego, and nationalistic fervor don’t exist. Nor do you see religious division, tortured animals, scarce resources, and financial woes.

If you were standing on a crater of the moon, or floating within space in abysmal darkness, looking down at the bright home we call earth, what would you see?

Would you see a patriotic, prejudiced, and divided earth?

Earth is very old and has been abused since its birth. Volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, and meteor crashes have occurred naturally and yet the earth restores itself. It loves unconditionally.

Looking at earth from space you don’t see broken homes, broken limbs, or broken hearts. Instead, you notice Earth has repaired and mended itself into a glorious and remarkable planet. Here, hate doesn’t exist, only love reigns supreme.

The ocean loves the land as it crashes into the shores, and the land loves the ocean as it breaks its fall. The clouds love the sky for holding on to them, and the sky loves the clouds for keeping them company. Earth as a whole, loves the nutrition from the sun and it is revealed in the life that has been created from it.

Maybe it should be mandatory for all humans to travel above the atmosphere and look down at earth? Maybe the ego would slowly fade away and a better understanding of how we should live in unison would occur?

If you were a space traveler, you’d see how small you really are and how truly insignificant your life is. We kill each other every day and progress closer and closer to a nuclear war. After the dust and radiation settle, and human bones become visible, earth will still be here, you won’t.

What you’ll realize instead, is how significant you and the rest of humanity are TOGETHER not divided. You’ll look at earth in its wholeness and see that the clouds aren’t combating each other, the continents don’t have names, and that earth doesn’t fight for property or resources. Earth functions collectively with the natural environment.  Maybe we should learn something from our Mother?

Gazing at earth from the moon, you’ll see a majestic marble, a small blue dot, with no leader, no center, where all pathways connect; a portrait of unity and equality.

Earth is truly the oasis of space, hopefully, humanity will realize that soon.

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One thought on “Little Blue Marble

  1. Lovely imagery! I’d LOVE to be up in a space craft to see that. Thanks for the addition of the video, that was a nice touch! Now, you just need a sound track of “space” music.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for reminding us we need to be nice to our Mother!

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