Women come in all shapes and sizes. Different hair colors, eyes, breasts, legs, ass, and all that other good stuff. Well, I love it all.

But, give me an indigenous looking woman, you know someone exotic? Give me those features that stand out. Had enough Barbies in my life; I’d like some flavor, a little zing, a lot of zest, you know that pizzazz?

I want that aboriginal looking woman; you know the ones that were looked down upon by rich imperialists? Give me that native girl with the earthy curves, but please, not too earthy. Let her voluptuous thighs decorate her body and let her ass be substantial enough for me to hold on to for dear life.

Keep your Victoria’s Secret, give me that National Geographic. I want the authenticity, the factual; how Mother Nature intended.  Had the fake, the replica, you know that imitation crab? The real tastes a lot better.

I want a female whose hair is so dark that light cannot even enter; like a black hole. Give me those stretch marks baby, how dare you be ashamed of them, let me follow those passageways.

Expose those love handles, let my hands grab on to them so I could pull you closer!   

I experienced a toothpick here and there but I’ve always preferred that hourglass, you know those curvy women?

I want those distinct features, the ones that kids made fun of while you were growing up. I will explore them. I will be the Genghis Khan of your body, a nomad, roaming, wandering, and roving! 

Give me that local girl, you know, that one carrying that pot of water on her head? It’s ok if you don’t speak my language love, we will communicate physically. 

I want that spicy, you know that Thai food? Make my mouth burn, my eyes water, and my pores sweat.

Give me that home-grown, you know that garden in your backyard? Let me pluck your herbs.

Give me that lady who hasn’t assimilated, integrated, you know that one who hasn’t conformed? Had a few of those, but in reality, I only count them as one, since they are one and the same.

Change the channel baby, turn off that MTV, had some of those already, I rather that Discovery channel.

Yea, I love that impulsiveness, you know that ADHD?  Had the WALL-E, that A.I., you know those robots? They were monotonous, repetitive, and dreary. Instead, you give me that thrill, you know that amusement park? Let’s chase a storm and get lost in it.

Give me that foreign chick; show me the unfamiliar, the strange. Only here for a little? It’s OK; let’s enjoy the fling before lands and seas separate us. Let us dance horizontally tonight? And maybe in the morning? I’ll take you to the airport right on time, don’t worry.

Damn, had enough chicken. Seasoned it so many ways but still tasting the same. 

Give me that Pozole, some Pupusas, and a couple of tamales, feed me that Escargot, pour some of that clam sauce on my linguine. Oh yea just like that, that’s how I like it.

I love your flavor, your taste; you make my tongue go zing.  Thank you for giving me that zest, that spice, you know that pizzazz?

You gave me that, so let me give you this.

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