I want to please you with my words. May they jump off the screen and mesh with your eyes. Let them marinate in your mind and heart. May they soothe and excite you. My words come with no subterfuge, just pure and raw love, nothing else.

Every kiss is like the first. Your lips are continuously unfamiliar — new territory for mine to discover. Eat my kisses, ingest them. Let them be the nutrition to your libido. May your hunger heighten, so I can feed you more.

We are two leaves rustling in the wind. As the wind grows stronger and stronger so do we. We depart the floor and soar in the air, creating a whirlpool of love and lust.

When we first met you were so beautiful. As the river of time drifted us through life together, I began to see your scars. It made you even more beautiful. These scars were brought out by society and your previous relationships.

But the scars showed you could feel, that you learned and grew in life. I have many as well, so, kiss my scars while I kiss yours. I look forward to the scars we acquire together.

Your skin is the fabric of the cosmos, cover me. Your heart, the sun. Your mind, an orbit. Us, love.

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10 thoughts on “Words, Scars, and Love.

    • Lisa, You and Gino are a such cute couple, and I could alayws tell you and he have a special relationship by your stories on the Q and his phone calls to you while on the air. You two are blessed to have eachother don’t waste a minute of it. By the way, thank you for letting us have a peek into your life We just want to keep in touch with you. I miss watching you on the Q! You were so fun to watch you made me laugh with your little stories. You are so genuine, Lisa. You were never ever afraid to talk about your faith and God and for that I truly admire you.And, girl, who knew all the wonderful talent you have??? Not only are you beautiful inside and out, but you sing beautifully, you write, you speak publicly, you’re witty and on and on and on! I read the part of your book that you posted, and I loved it! Can’t wait to read more. The way you described it made me feel like I was right there next to you watching the whole thing. Well, Miss Lisa, I wish you and Gino, and your families a very blessed Christmas and a 2011 that’s alot like Heaven . Love ya Girl, Michele

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