If you are a kid, be a kid. If you are an adult, be a kid.

Try and remember those days when you were a child, the curiosity you had, the wonders you wanted to experience, the things you wanted to do; it’s not too late. The days you didn’t have to stress about being late to work, having enough for rent, or worrying about getting fired?

Remember those days?

The days you could sleep in and do absolutely nothing? The days you didn’t have to worry about driving to a destination or having to come home and cook? The worry of the day was not having enough pillows to make your pillow fort, or god forbid, you had to clean your room.

Remember the days you would get your cheeks pinched, your body smothered with kisses and hugs by your parents, aunts, and uncles? Or how about recess time when you played tag with the girl or boy you hated but in reality had a crush on?

Remember all the questions you asked and all those “old” people would get annoyed?

Remember when you used to play house? Now you are living in the house with all the responsibilities that come along with it.

Remember the days you wanted to be a hero as a child? What happened to that? Be a hero in your household, in your community, the country, the world. It doesn’t matter on what level, but just be a hero, first to yourself, and then to someone else.

Remember feeling unstoppable, as if you would never die or get hurt? Now, you don’t take any risks because of fear. The fear of failing, of getting hurt, of what people may think of you because of it. Life is the greatest wager of all so stop holding yourself back, take a gamble!

Remember how easy it was to show love? Holding a hand was the zenith, it was the Wall of China, a Mt. Everest! The first kiss would literally create an out of the body experience for you. Now, society has us so desensitized. In many cases, we have to break through emotional walls to experience love. We are so damn guarded we are left miserable, yearning for love but unable to attain it because we’re trying to protect ourselves. The games of love used to be tag and hide-and-seek. Now, the games of love deal with jealousy, deceit, sexual taboos, and ego.

Remember: the cooties? The tree house? The Legos? The sandcastles? The pogs? The Gi-Joes? The Barbies?

Remember how to have fun?

We ask our kids to “act more like adults,” and to “be mature.” Yet, I think we should act like them. They should tell us, “act more like kids,” and “be immature.”

As we grow older societal pressures become heavier and heavier. Bills mount up, work and school loads multiply. These societal pressures in turn, affect our relationships with others.

The time we used to spend doing things we liked no longer exists. We become stressed, which is killing us both physically and mentally. After all, stress is the number one killer of people.

We barely have time for ourselves, let alone our kids, boyfriends, girlfriends, and our friends. Next thing you know, you’re stuck. Stuck in your marriage or stuck in your job. Life just passed you by, next thing you know you will be driving a wheelchair. Next thing you know your kids will no longer be kids, but robots to society.

You look back and wonder if it was worth it all? What if you did this or that instead? You begin to let the “what if’s” kill you. They slowly dine on your happiness.

But it is boredom that ages us, not time. So stay young! Do a handstand. Wear different colored shoes. Eat ice cream for breakfast. Race a coworker to the front door. Bring back “door bell ditch.” Watch some old cartoons. Ask questions. Sleep in.

Get a dying helium balloon, puncture it softly, inhale it, and make funny sounds. On your lunch break go out in the parking lot and fly a kite. Get a straw and blow spit wads at the wall, or preferably, people.

Play with crayons, or better yet color in a coloring book! Paint, and make a mess. Go outside barefoot and get dirty. Slide on a slide. Jump off a swing in midair. Skip rocks in a pond, lake, stream, or river. Go skinny dipping, and get caught.

Paradise is not the location that you are in; paradise is where you make it, paradise is you.

Ask yourself right now, at this moment, are you living your life to the fullest? Are you following your dreams or your parents’ dreams? Are you taking risks or walking that straight line? Really ask yourself are you happy or complacent? If you said “no” to any of these, ask yourself “why not?”

Little acts that are multiplied and repeated often become colossal acts. Make your life colossal, do little things every day that make you happy and that are out of the ordinary. Life is a bitch, so make her yours.

The only thing stopping you, is YOU! Go out and make your dreams a reality!

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