You are the plane to my circle, peace.

The quake to my earth. Together we EVOLve. LOVE.

I’m listening to love songs I’m sure were written for you. Like yawns your smiles are contagious. 

My words are for you; pen is my love, the paper your heart. I’m grateful our atmospheres merged. Now, I’m overflowing with love like a drain in a storm.

We are a flame; you yellow and I blue. Together we burn bright. I’m the ozone and you the layers.

Thoughts of you create a tug-of-war with my lips. Thoughts of you: expand my pupils, create vibrations in my chest, and energize my being.

I dream of holding you in my arms again but soon they turn to nightmares knowing thousands of miles separate us.

You are the melodies streaming thru my ears. You are my Mozart. My Beethoven. You are the masterpieces on the walls of my mind.  You are my Van Gogh. My Picasso.  My Dali.

Before we shared our hearts with one another, we had chains. Our love was so strong it broke through the rust and the thick metal. Those memories are runaways never to be found again. Now we are slaves to free love.

I’m addicted to you. Give me a hit. Let me taste your love. Withdrawals will kill me, give me that crack rock, inject it in me, put it on a table and I’ll snort it, whatever it takes. Let me taste your love again, I know it tastes delicious. Give my heart the music notes it needs to beat. Let the thump thumps be the sounds of our love.

Right now the picture is of just me so help me complete it.

Your presence is a space oddity: we ride the rings of Saturn, glide across the craters of the moon, jump from star to star, and walk on the skins of the universe. We have the ability to create new matter so let’s birth a youthful galaxy. Like time, our imaginations are endless.

You make my scribbles words and my sentences complete. You are the action to my thoughts. I guess it would have been easier if I just put, “I miss you.” But my pen refused and wanted to keep going so I couldn’t say no.

Until we meet again, I’ll suffer and fantasize of the moments before our first kiss; when our breaths soothed each others’ lips; when the currents of electricity jumped from lip to lip in anticipation. Until you bring sight to my eyes, I’ll reminisce of us.

My high is starting to fade like the sun behind clouds. The alcohol is oozing out my pores.

I started this when the moon was awake. I end it with the sun rays causing my eyes to squint. I guess I got lost in time thinking of you. Now my eyes are fiending for sleep. I look forward to the morning when I know my first thought is always you.

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8 thoughts on “Until Then

  1. I can only hope someday someone thinks of me this way.
    Although I don’t see myself being that lucky, I’m glad to know that there are humans (such as yourself) capable of loving and defining their love for others without fear, complexities, or pride. Amazing as usual Gino Montessi

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