Dear Baby,

I shouldn’t be writing this letter to you, I think you made it clear, but my emotions took the best of me and are the ones speaking. I also know without a doubt, your emotions were the one’s speaking earlier, so hopefully we both reach a moment of rationality by the end of this letter.

After all we’ve been through you’re going to let grains in the sands get the best of us? No, I’m sorry, I’m not going to let you go that easy. If you want to stop because you don’t feel that same connection then by all means I’ll back off.

If you want me to experience you and only you, I will also stop my futile attempts at keeping you by my side. I respect you too damn much to not be happy for you if that’s what you want and I only hope you experience even better  things in your journey thru life.

If you want to end this because of misunderstandings or my inadequacies then all I ask is that we discuss it first. Sometimes, I lose sight of what is important and may be unaware of the things that are cast off my vocal chords. Understand that my intentions are not to put you down in anyway and if you give me a chance I’ll explain. I understand my philosophy on love and life in general can be difficult to grasp, but it will be a ride you’ve never been on, one that will forever be embedded in your mind, heart, and body.

You add to my everything. The keys to my lock, the branches to my tree, the cloud to my rains! We compliment each other well. Let’s not give up love! This is a small bump in the road, let’s kick it out of the way. What we have is stronger than any of this other shit.

I’m here, I will do anything in my power to help you out. Please, baby let’s meet halfway, let’s  figure something out. This has been the best chemistry I’ve ever had with a woman. We have so much more to experience. Let’s enjoy everything life has to offer. Don’t you think what we have is stronger than all of this? We can overcome it together.

It’s a test for us, so let’s cheat and pass this!

Together, we do NOT become one. We are two separate entities that coexist and share with one another. Feeding one another with love. We are two dice on the same board, two threads to the same blanket, two seeds growing in the same pot but blossoming differently.

I’m the immigrant stuck in the desert, trying to make it across, thirsty for days and days, and you,… you are my water. All the metaphors in the world can’t describe my feelings for you. But fuck it I will try.

I want you like the sky wants the color blue. You are the dew that glistens grass strands in the morning. The wings of a  plane, the engine to a car. You are a wall, and I, the paint.

You make the auras of my very soul enlarge.

You are the rotation of the earth, the rays to the sun, the rings to Saturn. If I was there now, my words would transform into the physical and I would hug you like vines on a tree.

I love you unconditionally, without rules, I love you honestly. No exclusivity, no demands, no insecurities, and no bonds on love. Just respectfully. I love what you embody and who you are as a human being.

I love, love.

If this letter doesn’t convince you and you aren’t willing to work this out, at least I knew I tried. Life is too short to wonder what if? I know what I want, why would I let man-made ego get in the way of that? Death can consume us at any moment. We are fragile, so before we break, I want to experience this little thing called love.

If you want to experience love without me, then I want to say thank you. Thank you for the times we had. It was a great experience, I grew and so did you. We  aren’t in charge of other’s happiness, but we do add some more to our already full supply. I’ll be happy with or without you, but it sure as hell is easier with you by my side.

I look forward to my next experience and desire that you too find someone who compliments you well. Let’s not compare one another with our future lovers, for all experiences are different, all offer something unique from themselves, enjoy it, bask in it!

They say “that which starts bitter ends sweet and that which starts sweet ends bitter”. Luckily, this is not an end, it’s a transition into a new phase of our lives. You  know what I want now, it’s up to you to decide what you want. Shall we embark on our journey together on the same path or by ourselves on the roads not taken?

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One thought on “A Letter to You,

  1. I enjoy the similes and creative ways you have of describing emotions. Nice job. (Watch spelling/grammar and those pesky apostrophes! “One’s” should have been “ones”.)

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