Last time I saw you, I had my fingers inside of you. They were coated in your DNA. Will they be able to visit again?  Can your aroma sanctify my hand once more? I didn’t want your scent to escape the skin of my fingers so I refused to wash them.

I loved the way your body reacted to my touch, how you’re back arched as beautifully as Mother Nature’s arches, not shaped by erosion due to climate changes, rivers, or the seas. But created by the sensations dispensed from my fingers; spawning pleasure.

Goose bumps crawled up the grooves of your back, your eye lids fastened, and your hands seized the fabrics of my blanket. I remember that night so well, you held on so long to prove your innocence. But I enjoyed the barriers you put on me; I was only allowed to stay north of the border and I was fine with that. I enjoyed the wonder, the mysteriousness hidden under your clothing.

I’ve never waited so long to infuse myself into a woman making two into one. But waiting for you was never an issue.

As gravely as my body wanted yours, it was by no means just about a physical release. I get those releases often, either by my own doing, or with other women. It’s nothing against you, I’ve been honest, and I’ve disclosed the way I live my life, relating without the relationship. Maybe, that’s why you’re apprehensive?

Each woman, including you, has her own unique characteristics and traits. They all offer something different and new. The chemistry I have with one girl is a chemistry only she and I can have. The same applies to you, what I have with you only exists between us.

Months elapsed and I never crossed the boundaries you put on me, until that night at least.

With the exception of the chasm within you, I explored all the wonders of your body. Your lips satisfied mine; your tongue took a secondary role; slightly manipulating my lips and the insides of my mouth.

My hands enjoyed studying your supple breasts, as I hope they enjoyed teaching. Your assets are without faults at least from my perspective; size is in between diminutive and substantial, just right.

Physicality always began unhurried, with gentle and soothing kisses. It began like a dim light that ultimately flickered brighter. Eventually the kisses became angry, our bodies pressed tighter, our skins began to cry.

My hands glided across your face to the lobes of your ears where I caressed gently, to the contours of your head where your hair encountered the insides of my fingers. I then trapped your hair with my palms, enclosing them and pulling firmly. Your neck shifted backwards leaving it exposed. I took advantage, and left your lips to meet your collar bone and the tops of your shoulders. I licked as serenely as the painter strokes his brush against the canvas. I appreciate art, your body, a woman’s body, is the purest form of art.
Your breath then collided with mine and your moans reverberated towards me. As each wave of your moans splashed inside the hollows of my ear, the flames intensified. I pressed my waist onto yours, impersonating what sex would be like in the nude. You went under the covers of my shirt and encountered my stomach, back, and shoulders. They appreciated your touch.

Our heartbeats mimicked our actions. With every stroke, kiss, and caress, the beats of our hearts amplified, trembling our chests.

That night was not like the others; it usually stopped there, but those hours of darkness were special. I knew what I had to do; respecting that boundary was out of the question.  I couldn’t take it any longer, my restraints were worn out and decrepit, so I tore them the fuck off!

I stopped your hands and put them above your head, your body was confused. With my left hand I detained yours, pressing hard. With my right hand I begin to creep downwards, your eyes widened, your hands tried to flee, your legs locked. You had no chance, it was going to happen, and I knew you wanted it.

My hands were like shadows of a cloud drifting, not across pavement, but across the curves of your body. I passed your breast, belly button and finally to the seams of your pants. My fingers peeked under, you shook. The struggle you put up was futile, letting you go was not an option, I had to have it.

Finally my hand worked up enough courage and dived under the pants. On the top, the rough fabrics of the jeans grazed against my knuckles and on the bottom a shaved surface ground against the calluses and prints of my hand. I was almost there; the place I had longed for, the place I needed, the place I romanticized…..

At last!

You could no longer hide your desire for me, my fingers proved it. The interiors of your legs marinated in your honey. I knew once your paradise was reached you wouldn’t fight it anymore. I freed your hands, they attacked my back and your nails burrowed into my skin. It hurt so good.

Our bodies continued to exchange heat, sweat, saliva, and contact but it didn’t progress further. My upper half was touched while the bottom half was jealous. I was flustered and tortured because I wanted more, but I relished in it. I knew when I dropped you off; I would come home and liberate the energy I harvested.

I will fantasize about you, your boundaries don’t exist in my mind; in there my explorations meet no obstacles, in there… you have no inhibitions.

Outside the freedoms of my mind and into the obtuse grip of society itself, is an asphyxiation on your sexuality. Yet you hunger for it; you want me inside of you, your hair pulled, neck bit, legs opened, breast licked, and skin stroked.

You fight against your natural inclinations. The fear rules you; you don’t want to be a “whore”, or “easy.”  The social order says you need to be in a relationship before you undergo such acts.

I want you to free yourself, take control of your sexual power, sense true freedom without the rules, taboos, and limitations. Embrace not only the physical but the emotional connection.

I’ll wait because once you arrive at that point; we will be able to reach the highest peaks of pleasure.  Our genitals will synchronize, our souls will fuse.

You knew that night was distinctive, our chemistry was intense. I know our next encounter will only deepen further.

I long for that day, the day you impart your presence upon me. The day when my river can enter your valley; when my tide collides into the shores of your body.

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5 thoughts on “Eros at Play

  1. This is INSANE. I swear its like you wrote about me in every single detail. I am an average pretty girl, but I have only had these kind of intimate encounters. I am waiting until marriage..

    • insane in a good way?

      Free yourself from the chains of marriage. Follow your natural desires, your body is asking for it. By the time you marry you will be experience and will be able to give your husband better love.

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