As I am sitting outside of a coffee shop, observing the movements of life, I can’t help but to feel sadness loom over me like the shadow of dark cloud masking the sunlight.

People are barely able to walk, struggling to make it up the stairs as if they just ran a marathon.  Coughing, wheezing, and gasping for air, they resemble fish out of water.

Others are sitting down engulfing the chair, stuffing their stout mouths with fast food, or shall I say fast preservatives?

Their lips are gleaming with high cholesterol; fingertips enveloped with grease, as they commence to flood their throats with high fructose corn syrup.

What’s worse is that young kids are more unfit than ever before.  The skin off their chins is reminiscent of wattles that hang off rooster’s necks.  Their stomachs protrude out so far they can’t see their feet when they look straight down.

It seems as if ankles have all but disappeared into puffy sausages, and even their hands are so big you would think they got bashed by a closing door.  Their cheeks are so inflamed it’s as if they have balloons inside their mouths.

According to a new study, “six out of ten San Diego adolescents drink at least one soda or sugary soft drink a day.”  Diabetes anyone?

Throughout our progression from childhood to old age we continue to live unhealthy lives. 40% of elderly in San Diego “live under $23,434 a year for basic necessities like food, housing, health care and transportation.” Lower incomes prevent them from buying healthier alternatives and instead, they get the high starch and fatty foods that are cheaper.

It distresses me to see the frustration in their faces.  The most basic acts like walking or sitting have become strenuous feats: struggling to keep their bodies upright with canes or having to use wheelchairs because they can’t even walk.  Anxiousness always creeps in every time they take a step, as if they will shatter like beer glasses in bars.

Many also have what looks like hills on their upper back, something a chiropractor could easily fix, but I guess spending thousands on surgery would suffice.

We all know that the United States is suffering an epidemic of obesity and other health woes brought about by poor life style choices.  But we are in our comfort zone – or, rather, our “comfort food” zone, and pay no attention.  But the media implants more insecurity in our minds than breasts implants in Hollywood.  They continue molesting our self image making us feel inadequate, and encouraging bulimia and other eating disorders in teenagers.

One study says that, “one out of every four college-aged women uses unhealthy methods of weight control — including fasting, skipping meals, excessive exercise, laxative abuse, and self-induced vomiting.”  We are told to watch our weight, live a healthier life, but the insistence of the media on beauty and thinness induces people to take easy short-cuts, like fad diets, and eating disorders such as mentioned above.

This is very economic; the worse your body image gets, the more prone you are to buy cosmetics and diet products — very profitable industries.  How many self help books have you bought?  Oprah and Dr.Phil aren’t healthy themselves, why would you take their advice?

You need to HELP your SELF.  Don’t get into a fad diet, simple life choices could change your life for the better.  One simple tip is to substitute all the white foods you eat with brown foods.  Also, don’t engross yourself with fast and junk food.  Chances are there is a delicious healthy alternative to the preservative and toxic filled crap you eat. For more information on living a healthy lifestyle check out Mercola.com, a great health source that opposes most main stream health industries.

See the beauty and value in every human being; it’s not about physical beauty but physical health.

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One thought on “Make the Cosmetic Industry happy, have a bad self image.

  1. Beautiful. I love the blogs you write on inner beauty, self esteem and health.

    The problem with this country is that what gets most positive media attention–and therefore adolescent attention–is what is worst and most destructive for them. For example, that FB page that was recently shut down called “competition for the most beautiful teen”–whose sole purpose was to have teens submit their pictures to see if they ‘qualified’ to be amongst the most beautiful people. What does a 13-18/19 year girl old see when she looks in the mirror and realizes that her body is not as thin, or her breasts are not as large as what is considered beautiful? Does she try to overcompensate with bulimia, anorexia, breast implants or nudity? She figures since she’s not ‘naturally beautiful’ or well endowed then she needs to go the extra mile? Movies like the so called ‘epic’ Project X–several teens in real life have already injured themselves or died because of trying to imitate the idiotic teens who tore down their neighborhood by throwing a crazy house party….

    There is something terribly wrong with this country. What our young people (yes, G, younger than you and me) consider to be normal seriously scares and baffles me. Childhood, innocence, the flourishing of self esteem and image of beauty is gone. However, adults–not teens–are to blame for this. Its OUR government, OUR media that allows for stupid shit like this to reach our youth. No effort is placed on promoting and saving education, but the latest $300 shoes HAVE to be marketed to young people.

    I’m disgusted. I’m disappointed and I’m afraid. I fear for those who can’t be reached or will choose to ignore common sense.

    Sorry for the rant. lol

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