God, back from vacation yet?

You are all powerful, all knowing, wise, just, merciful, and loving to just name a few.  No other form of energy in the universe can boast such eminent qualities. Since you’re all knowing it is probably futile to write you this letter, but, I figured I would let you know just in case you are on vacation; god knows, well you know, we could all use a break from time to time.

As a citizen of the world, some things are just not making sense to me. It seems as if misery and suffering are consuming every aspect of life like a black hole consumes a star. I feel as if anguish and pain are slowly sucking in happiness and joy and I was hoping you could do something about it?

18,000 people in Japan died as a result of an Earthquake and Tsunami. The sheer fear the Japanese people must have felt when the earth shook, debris plummeting from above, people screaming, and running to safety aches my heart.  When I see the footage I feel as if my insides have been ripped out leaving me in an empty shell of skin. The liquid destruction swallowed cities away along with the memories that once resided there.

On another continent war is being waged, killing many people in Libya. In the disguise of aiding and bringing democracy to Libya, US-NATO are leading a coup d’état to seize oil reserves. In the midst of the war, BP is already starting to drill off the coast of Libya. How many more dismembered limbs will we have to see in order to realize war is hopeless? When will we stop being so backwards?

Under the guise of “bringing democracy,” USA actually brings hegemony!

Since you created earth, I was wondering if you could also distribute its resources better, since we have enough to give to every human being what is needed for life.  Maybe you could start with the 925 million stomachs that are empty and longing for some food, like sweatshops long for wage slaves?

Maybe it’s too much to ask to stop all the devastation worldwide, can you just start here at home? As a San Diego resident I am frustrated with the numerous problems that are plaguing us here. Being so close to the border of Tijuana, gang violence and drug wars are a norm.

Sometimes Gangs give solace that parent’s don’t.

Our woes continue to grow worse like the apathy in American minds: Our water system is poisoned with Fluoride, “more than 1,300 teachers, school counselors, nurses and principals received formal notices that they could lose their jobs in June,” gas prices are at a rise causing wallets to go on a diet, and the poverty rate in San Diego grew  much faster than the rest of the nation.

We live in a world filled with poverty, bigotry, destitution, greed, and suffering. I am sure this is not the world you envisioned and I am sure the free will you gave us in the first place wasn’t for this! Since you are such a peaceful and perfect God, I am almost certain you would fix all of our problems in an instant. After all, with so many of your followers praying and collecting money in hopes that you would help, why not cash the check?

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